Baby! Where are you?

Friday, September 14, 2007

The news and my dream.

Recently I saw the good doctor on the news. He had attended some sort of IVF seminar and was the spokesperson for the news. The report was highlighting the fact that obesity and smoking are the main reasons that women become infertile. I'm sure the good Dr.B suggested many other contributing factors for infertility but I know how our local news station enjoys scare mongering and laying blame. Sadly, it does nothing to communicate the fact that infertility is a disease that so many women simply have no control over.

Anyway, what I enjoyed about this snippet of news was seeing the good Dr.B himself! Oh how I have missed him! I never thought I would say that...but I do. Such a gentle, wise person...the giver of life to my child...the provider of peace and happiness in my soul. I just happened to be holding baby girl as Dr.B came on the T.V so I pointed him out to her. I said to my girl "'s the man who helped to make you". She ogled him with her curious baby eyes and then jerkily turned her face to mine and grinned. I felt glad that she liked him too.

That night I had a very long and drawn out dream which featured the good Dr.B throughout. He was a singer in a band, quite the rock star. Action Man and I had gone to see him at an outdoor concert. Afterwards we went up to him to say hello. He may of recognised us, it was hard to tell. Perhaps he was just being polite. We thanked him for the baby.

Then she woke up and so did I.

Baby Girl is 5 months. She can sit but not roll. She can dribble a lot. She 'talks' a lot and is beginning to tell is in no uncertain terms what she does not like (jumpers being pulled over her head, pumpkin, loosing her dummy at night, lying on her tummy). She seems to like sitting, being carried, socialising, her Granny, her parents, banana, apple, boob, the cats furry long tail, bath time, the buggy and cuddles.