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Friday, October 20, 2006

Embracing the Bump

This is a post some of my bloggy friends may not want to read. I remember only too well reading happy pregnant posts and feeling very sad for myself even though I was happy for my bloggy friends. If you are having a bad day best not read on...or read when you are feeling stronger. I don't mind. I've only just left that place myself.

This week I told some friends that we are pregnant. These girls are ones I walk with and I guess they have given up thinking that I will ever get pregnant although I know they have always wished it for me. We didn't often speak of my situation so it must have come as a shock when I told them I am indeed pregnant. I know it was a shock because they screamed and became teary while squeezing the life out of me with big hugs. It's a nice feeling. Actually it was a bloody awesome feeling!
One of the girls asked if it was o.k if she rang her sister in law to tell her the good news. The SIL is usually on our walk. Later after I was home my friend's brother rang to congratulate us. I couldn't believe how fast the news had spread. I gave it a couple of days but it only took an hour! It was bloody lovely.
This week some parents at my school have started to notice and to ask if I'm pregnant. (lucky I am am or they would be very embarrassed!) I have been trying to hide my bump at work because I'm not really ready to discuss it with parents. This week the bump has been a bit hard to hide and I have had to rush out and buy some bigger tops. Coming out has been O.K, particularly because it seems to be a gradual experience.
Tonight I am going out for tea with a couple of girlfriends and then to see The Devil Wears Prada. I have a new maternity top which is tight and stripy. I thought I might wait a couple of weeks before I wear it but tonight I have decided to embrace the bump. I have always wanted to wear a snug top over my pregnant tummy. A strange desire probably. Now I am finally doing it. Since my bump seems to be a big one at 13 weeks and 5 days I have decided I may as well make the most of it!
Watch out public, here comes my stripy bump!


  • You go girl.

    You're pregnant so be proud of the bump.

    Catch ya soon.


    By Blogger Cathy, at 9:00 pm  

  • Enjoy your bump, make the most of your bump coz soon you'll be very, very tired of carrying it around :)



    By Blogger Artblog, at 12:56 am  

  • Please post a pic of your striped bump! :)

    Enjoy showing off that bump -- you have certainly earned it!

    By Blogger k #2, at 9:02 am  

  • Oh Betty - that is LUUUURVELY. :)

    I was asked if I am having twins alot lately. I too have an unusally large bump - mainly fat, lots of gas and baby is in there somewhere! I've always told friends that if I ever get lucky (pregnant) - I will definitely wear my bump with pride and stock up on lycra, lycra and more lycra!

    By Blogger Drew, at 1:40 pm  

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