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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pain relief

I am going away again to stay with Action man while he works. This is the last weekend he has to go away for a while. I like staying at the Ambulance House. It's very restful and I can sloth about watching DVD's. This is a good thing (and quite rare for me) as I have an awful back at the moment. My osteopath said that my back injury (which I got on the day I got my blood test) may have been caused by the stress my body was in in the week leading up to the result. Some kind of simple movement caused a muscle knot to occur. There was not much he could do due to the early pregnancy factor but he did put me on to this interesting site about healing pain and various other ailments through emotional freedom and positive thought. He said it might pay for me to work on the negative feelings that I have about my uterus (not doing it's thing previously and getting all those fibroids and endo and stuff). So I have printed it out (mammoth) to read over the weekend.
Perhaps I will make myself pain free as well a shiny, happy uterus!
I was happy to feel a little bit queasy this afternoon. I never thought feeling sick would make me feel so good!


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