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Friday, August 04, 2006

There's a rumble in the Jungle

Sheesh girls I'm backed up.
Post pickup has resulted in terrible cramps and bruising, bloat beyond belief and constipation from hell!
Have had 2 lots of laxatives in the last 2 days and tonight I have tried some other stuff recommended from people at work. My tummy is rumbling and gurgling but nothing is happening. This morning I was in so much pain I was on all fours, growling with sweat coming off my forehead. Action Man thought I had lost my marbles! I want it out before the embies go in tomorrow. I think it's coming. Either that or I'll be up all night running to the loo!

Still crossing my fingers for some embies. Please be the right ones for me.
I just found out that two chicks I know have both achieved pregnancy through long battles with IVF. Their babies are due on the same day! It is comforting to know that it's working for someone.

I went to D's house to have afternoon tea with her and B and D's baby S. It was lovely but D told me she ran into an old friend of ours whose wife had just lost their first baby at 20 weeks. God that sucks. I haven't seen them for ages but feel so bad for them. It's not fair. I thought it was a rare thing to happen to folks.
Little Sam took away the blues with his happy gurgling!
I read a great book to my class yesterday. I did what all good teachers should never do...Read a book to a class that you have not read previously. Ooops. This book is called The Short But Very Happy Life Of Riley (cannot remember who wrote it, sorry). It is shortlisted to win the Book Week prize. The message in the book (it's a picture one) is all about the greed of people and that they are always wanting more than they need and are never happy with what they've got. It was comparing people (who are unhappy) with a rat (who is very happy). I was reading along thinking "wow this is a great message but way over these kids (Kindergarten) heads". I chose to perservere.
At the end of the story I threw caution to the wind and asked if anyone knew what message the book was trying to tell us. A little hand shot up and my boy said "it means you get what you get and you don't get upset". I was amazed...And very delighted! A pearl of a moment in the work of a teacher.

Wait for us little embies...your Mum and Dad are coming to get you.


  • Hoping very hard for those embryos for you. I think AM is perhaps a little optimistic about them all getting to blast, but I am confident that you'll have a good selection. Keeping it crossed for you.

    By Blogger Thalia, at 12:17 am  

  • Good luck! I have everything crossed for a wonderful blast transfer for you tomorrow.

    By Blogger Kristi, at 1:04 am  

  • I'm glad the IVF worked for your friends. And I'm so hoping it works for you, too!

    By Blogger Kris, at 1:56 am  

  • Best of luck!

    By Blogger Hopeful Mother, at 4:28 am  

  • Wishing you an easy (and successful!) transfer.

    By Blogger The Town Criers, at 5:00 am  

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