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Sunday, September 03, 2006

birthday bits

My birthday was great. Friends who know that we are a little bit pregnant commented on how happy Action Man and I seemed. I felt relieved not to be having another birthday feeling inadequate. I did feel very happy.
We went out for tea with a few mates and had a luscious meal and then came back to our house to eat the fabulous chocolate mudcake Action man had made me. He covered it with a gazillion mini m&m s. He knows my love!! There hasn't been that many people in our house for ages. It's partly because we haven't felt that confident socially since IF hit, but also because we have half a house. The half a house thing didn't seem to bother anyone. The girls sat inside by the fire and ate cake while the boys looked over the extension outside ( an excuse to have a cigarette without getting in trouble from their wives!).
After cake some folk went home and others came out with us to see Eskimo Joe perform. They were awesome.
Friday I was dead tired. One of our friends stayed over on Fri night but I'm afraid that I was a boring Betty and went straight to sleep on the couch after I ate dinner. This early pregnancy stuff is tiring!
I have had a lovely weekend. Had a visit from our old neighbor's, the ones with 4 boys. The eldest boy made me a little cake for my birthday. It was nice to see them. I so wanted to tell Catherine our news but I restrained myself. That big IF and BUT is still there of course.
Last night I went to trivia night and my team won. I won a bottle of wine (will be put to use in the DISTANT future) and a creme brulee kit (put to use very soon!).
We visited some friends who just had a baby. Mum and Dad looked besotted and the baby girl was serene.
I did a little bit of work in the garden, against Action Man's wishes, but I had to stop because my back was getting sore so I fulfilled my pyromaniac fetishes by throwing bits of building scraps onto the fire A.M had lit. It was lovely to sit by!

So two days until the 6 week scan. I am fairly nervous but very hopeful. Getting pregnant is just one hurdle after another and this one feels major, but I guess they all are. I hope we get over this hurdle.


  • Happy Birthday, Betty! I think I know what you wished for at the 6 week scan! I bet you can't wait to see your little one!

    By Blogger k #2, at 7:41 am  

  • Happy Birthday. Keeping it all crossed for you.

    By Blogger Thalia, at 10:02 pm  

  • Happy birthday! I hope all your wishes come true.

    By Blogger Spanglish, at 6:04 am  

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