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Friday, October 13, 2006

It's a boy!

But Lu and I missed the birth!! Here's what happened:
Em was in the first stage of labor all day.
Lu and I went to playgroup. It was interesting to be a participant. I vaguely knew a few of the other mothers. It's a Steiner school playgroup so a major part of it is sitting at the table together and sharing fruit and the bread (that somehow I ended up baking!) together. At the table I was asked the question which usually makes me want to run away very fast..."Do you have any children". I was able to say I had one on the way and everyone gushed over me. It was nice but for some reason I still felt like running away.
Hang on, how have I made this post about me?!
Then Lu and I went to the supermarket and came home to my house for lunch. We played a bit and collected snails from the garden. We visited my SIL and then we had a nap. Finally we heard from E and K. Nothing much had changed.
A friend called in and Lu entertained her. She ate lots more food and then Action Man came home from work.
K (Lu's dad) rang at 5.00 and said that the 2nd stage of labor had just begun but because it was going so slowly they had decided not to worry about Lu being there. My instructions were to bathe and feed Lu then bring her down at 7.00 p.m to kiss her mum and dad goodnight and put her to bed. Then I was to join in with the birth!
Lu played with A.M and had her bath and tea so I sent a message to K saying we were ready to come and were they ready for us.
No reply! Aaahhhh!
7.40pm K rang and said "it's a boy, get down here quick!" It seems Em raced through the rest of the birth.
Luckily I live two blocks away from E and K so we arrived in no time.
Lu and I got to see her baby brother as fresh as a daisy still attatched to his mother in the pool. It was amazing to see. K cut the cord and Lu poked her brother while Em delivered the placenta.
The midwives examined the placenta and gave as an educational tour of this most amazing organ. I didn't realize it was so strong. I was amazed.
I felt so honored to be in the room with this new life and with the woman who just delivered him from her belly. I left them to it and went home to bed, but I couldn't sleep because the whole thing had been so exciting.


  • Betty is so gorgoeous that you were able to share the experience.

    By Blogger Drew, at 1:05 pm  

  • Whacko the diddly oh.

    I bet that Lu is soooooooooooo excited as well as everyone else involved.

    I have a green baby jacket and socks here waiting for a new home so if that sounds ok just contact me.

    My e-mail is on my profile page now.


    By Blogger Cathy, at 8:04 pm  

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