Baby! Where are you?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Two Great Things

Before I start...thanks for the support guys. I'm really sorry if I worried people with my absence.
Number 1: I had the 12 week scan yesterday. We saw our baby swimming around and kicking little arms and legs everywhere! We were so relieved. Everything is in place, size is good and Downe Syndrome risk is low. So now I need to get on with enjoying this pregnancy. Action man is finally talking as though we are really pregnant.
We told the family who used to live next door to us last night. K and B have 4 sons. The 6 year old informed me that I am going to get really fat like this (demonstated) and like I ate too many pies. He'd know I guess since he has 2 younger brothers! K gave me some of her maternity clothes she won't be needing again. Wow. They look a bit foriegn. I can't believe they are for me!

Great News Number 2: Em has gone into labour!!! I am having the day off work. My first task is to take 19 month old Lu to playgroup. Woo hoo! This will be the first time EVER I am going to play group without having to be in charge of it (Something us Kinder teachers have to take).
I'm not really prepared for what will follow today :0
Stay tuned!!


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