Baby! Where are you?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

A little girl in our world.

Right I have started this post 3 times but each time I do not finish it because my baby needs me...MY BABY!!!!
Woo hoo!!
Our little girl arrived on the 5th of April. She is perfect in every way and has the good looks of her Daddy. Baby girl was 7 lbs 3 oz and 49 cm long. She weighs a little bit less than that now as she struggled to feed enough but we are almost back to the birth weight.
I am going to make this post quick and then write a more detailed one later when I have another pocket of time.
Here are a few quick things I have learnt about being a mum:
*The smell of your own baby is irresistible.
*The love you have for your baby and your partner after having a baby is large large large!
*Nothing and no one can prepare you for having a baby. Ditto for sleep deprivation.
*It doesn't matter for how long you want a baby or for what you put your self through to create one...all first time mums are equal. None of us know what we are doing!!!!
*No amount of reading will help you to feel confident about making the right decisions regarding your baby!
*People are soooooooo generous when you have a, presents, cards, visits. It's a very special time.
*Lots of things are not as important as they used to be and you quickly have to start caring for your own needs LAST!!! But personally I have never felt more at peace!

Anyway... all is going well. I must go as baby girl is getting impatient!


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