Baby! Where are you?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I just feel like writing this

2006 is gone and as it passed us by Action Man and I had a moment. On new years eve, awaiting the count down while listening to Michael Franti at the Falls Festival, Action man took me in his arms and hugged me so tight. He said the stuff of dreams for me...that we have finally reached a point where everything looks like it might be great, that he can't believe that 2006 is nearly over and he is hugging me with a big belly and that he feels like he finally has his Betty back. A.M hasn't called me Betty for ages. It was the nickname he gave me when I learned to snowboard about 8 years ago. A female boarder was called a shred betty in those days. He called me Betty because he was proud of me for learnig something which I initially found scary and hard. Betty stuck and for a while many of our friends were used to my nickname. In the last few years Betty has slipped away for Action Man and he had to deal with some different parts of my personality that had never been revealed in the days of Bettydom.
I'm pleased to agree with A.M. I think Betty is back as well. She doesn't seem as stressed, little things don't get to her like they did, she is not so worried about the future and is able to go with the flow again. Betty isn't angry with her body any more and she feels so much better about her self worth, it's unbelievable.
Thankyou unborn baby of ours. You are not born yet but already you have bought so much to our lives.